General Contractorship

For the last several years, we have been successfully carrying out contracts as the general contractor for chain-store clients.  We take part in every stage of the design and construction works to optimise the construction the best possible way.
Our employees carry out general construction, electric, hydraulic, ventilation and IT works. We engage our involvement, professional attitude and passion to ensure that we always complete the project on time.

Reinforced Concrete Works

We benefit from our long-term experience acquired on construction sites home and abroad. Our services include mainly constructions of reinforced concrete foundation slabs, monolithic walls and ceilings, elevator shafts, ramps and other structural elements.
We use our own materials or materials provided by the clients. Our working teams have a great deal of experience of working with formwork systems by such companies as PERI or DOKA but also with formwork made on-site.

Assembly of Structures

We provide complex assemblies of building structures.   We specialise in assembling prefabricated concrete units, mainly the Filigran ceilings, combined prefabricated wall units and prefabricated monolithic concrete elements.
The main area of our operation is the residential housing construction sector where we provide complete raw state work services including the installation of cover walls and roofs.  We also provide support in the delivery of the above mentioned elements while our partners can design them and supply them on time.

Bricklaying Works

We are specialists in making façade walls of clinker brick, stone and decorative panels. Our portfolio includes works carried out in the provincial archive building in Göteborg or in the Hedin Bil car dealership in Uppsala.
Apart from façades, we also build walls of expanded clay concrete hollow blocks, lightweight concrete or silicates available as Ytong, Silka or Leca systems.

Cover Walls

Our rich choice of available cover walls is addressed mainly to the commercial and logistics sector.  It comprises the delivery and installation of layered boards, steel boxes and ventilated walls.
We also build in-situ cover walls with wooden and steel structures.

Drywall Structures

Hundreds of thousands of square metres of walls and ceilings in commercial and industrial facilities have given us the opportunity to acquire deep knowledge of the drywall construction method.
By carrying out such works with Muniak Sverige AB, you can always rely on the quality and reliability of workmanship and be sure that they comply with the acoustic and fire insulation requirements.


We have been present on the Polish market for 25 years and we collaborate with the best architects which makes us one of the leading provider of finishing services in Poland, mainly for chain-store clients.   Painting, laying tiles and installing acoustic ceilings - these are the works we do everyday.
In Sweden, we focus on installing doors, strips and furniture. You are welcome to get familiar with our model projects.

Aluminium door and window systems

Together with our partners, we design and deliver aluminium door and window systems to Sweden. We have several model facilities and we are currently dynamically developing our range of products and services in this area.
We are capable of meeting the strictest requirements for all solutions, including glass and aluminium structures. If you are interested - contact us.